We all know what it is like to be seventeen. Too young for the club and too old for childish games. Many young people don´t have platform to feel at home in society. Seventeen created that platform in the form of an alcohol and drug-free club. The name "Seventeen" comes from the creator’s own experiences of being in this "tween-age". Seventeen aim to contribute to a more active and rich leisure time for the youth between sixteen- and nineteen-year old’s in Umeå, a target group that don’t have enough cultural activities.

The club is politically and religiously independent and welcome everyone in high school age. Seventeen work for an equal-opportunities culture scene and strive for diversity, accessibility and inclusion. Seventeen want to inspire and motivate young people in Umeå to get involved in the city's cultural life and see the opportunities to influence their own leisure time. This is a chance for young people celebrate this time in life together with students from other schools. Seventeen hope to give them something to look forward to.


The project utilized mainly digital platforms and social media to reach out with event information and with the feeling and thought intended to convey with the arrangement. The graphic profile wants to convey a feeling of a modern and adult club. The idea of ​​the symbol is an abstract stylization of the number "17" while it forms a modern geometric form. The reference to the figure "17" is mainly to create an association to be seventeen. The graphic profile is meant to be clear and communicative and work equally well in a simple black and white design as with a colorful theme or with a moving background. The club was also marketed with event posters, jerseys with the Seventeen logo for the crew to wear and canvas goodie bags for guests.